Software Delivery Coaching Services in Uganda

We are happy to announce our new software delivery coaching services in Uganda, which are aimed at helping software delivery teams achieve their full potential by filling gaps in their knowledge and capability. This is leveraging over a combined 50 years of software architecture, design and support experience within our practice across government, civil society, public and private sectors over the last 2 decades.

The coaching includes and is not limited to best practices for:

  1. Version Control
  2. Development environment setup and maintenance
  3. Database Design and leveraging ORMs
  4. API First Development following OpenAPI specifications
  5. Testing Automation from unit, integration, load and performance testing
  6. Continuous Integration
  7. Documentation - requirements, design, user manuals, stakeholder documentation
  8. Leveraging agile & iterative development practices
  9. Product management, release planning, scheduling and tracking
  10. Evolving your architecture & software design
  11. Application Security best practices

For more details contact us at coaching at